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Squeaky's Dude's Story...

Ok… so, why did Squeaky Dude create this website and why does he continue to work so stinkin' hard on keeping it updated when it doesn't make much financial sense??? We do have fun sponsors on the site (like free email smiles and today’s hottest ringtones) and in our weekly newsletter that help support Yet, the money they provide is peanuts compared to the hours invested into the site weekly. Though... these peanuts help very much and are sooo appreciated because they cover the costs of hosting the site and hosting our weekly newsletter which is sent out to over 10,000 Clean Jokesters!!! That is very positive and we thank you, thank you, thank you loyal clean jokesters who contribute by visiting the sponsors and the fun stuff they offer. Ok, so again... why, why, why create and maintain Because Silly!... Although it doesn't make financial sense, it does makes family sense… and the backbone of my family was Grandma.


To Grandmas Across the World!

On May 2nd of 2005 I literally watched my last Grandma breath her last breath. I'm sure you can understand it was difficult to see her pass. Although she's gone... memories of her will continue. Aren’t Grandmas the best??? Gosh...she was such a friendly, kind-hearted, warm and up-lifting Grandma and soooo full of joy to. I don’t' ever want to forget her. Grandma shaped the character of me and our family. This website is a daily reminder of Grandma. It's a daily remainder of the importance of relationships and family. It's a daily reminder to laugh and really soak-in and enjoy those laughable moments together. Share your stories with each other, laugh together, tell jokes and play games together. Don't get to busy that you forget about your true treasure. Oh how easy it was for me to think life was all about me until I lost one of my dearest treasures; Grandma.

One of my most vivid memories of Grandma was her fun and playful attitude. Grandma had the funniest sayings... Like, when she was flustered, she’d chuckle, “ohhh sugar plumbs.” Or when she took a draw-four in Uno (the card game), she shouted, “Saucketablooy”! Ahh, Grandmas... What a breath of joy. Grandma loved funny clean jokes to. No four-letter words in her jokes. Just clean, belly-clenching humor. She clipped jokes from newspapers, saving them to share. When our family visited, she always had a joke somewhere. Grandma dug in her purse, or got on her little footstool, peeking her head into the cupboard to pull out the newest finding.

Oftentimes, we all sat around the kitchen table wondering where Grandma had disappeared to... and 20 minutes later, there she was, waving that newspaper clipping in the air as she approached us with the next joke, sure to make us all giggle. She brought happiness into our lives, and everyone around her.

This website is filled with some of those same clean jokes grandma told us, making us smile for so many years. While she’d not been introduced to the Internet upon her passing, she would have been proud of a website like CleanJoke. It would have saved her so much time - no shoebox, purse, dresser drawer or cupboard digging required. She’d just bookmark the site or bookmark her favorite jokes to her favorite's folder. This website is dedicated to my Grandma Koch and to Grandmas accross the world! Tell your grandparents and family you love them today. And... after you give them a BIG HUG, get them to laugh with a funny clean joke!

Much Love Grandmas!

Squeaky Dude
June 24, 2005

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