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Home > Funny Stuff > Practical Jokes > Caller ID Spoofing

Rated: 4.53/10 | Votes: 15 | Views: 20,103 |Submitted: 8.8.08

I wish I would have known about Spoof Card sooner! There have been SOooo many times I’ve wanted to phone prank my friends using caller ID spoofing or other caller id tricks. Just recently a friend purchased FOUR really nice “knock-off” Rolex watches online. He paid about $500.00 and they should have cost around $50,000.00 retail! I figured this must be illegal when my friend told me they would be shipped from overseas and HIDDEN in toys! Oh, man… I thought my friend was nuts. He probably could have afforded to pay retail for his bling bling.

Not too long after my buddy ordered them online, I heard him get a phone call with the delivery details. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I had a way to Change, or spoof my caller ID and my voice so I could leave a message on his cell phone from Homeland Security as officer Mark Andrews.

I would say something like, “We’ve intercepted information of an illegal package to be arriving at your house on Friday. We’ll be sending out a local representative to you house on Friday at 10 am to intercept this package. If there is anything illegal found in the package you may be liable for the contents.”

I would have paid money to see the reaction on my friends face as he told me about the phone call he received from HOMELAND SECRUITY! ROTF!!!

This would have been hilarious if I would have known about Spoof Card sooner. Nobody expects their Caller ID on their cell phone, or home phone to be playing tricks on them. I searched all over the internet for caller id tricks, caller id spoofing so I could find a way to actually fake my caller ID, but I couldn’t find anything that would let me spoof my caller ID or fake my voice.

Now I have a way to do it. I just found Spoof Card today it lets you fake Caller ID, Change your voice and even record the call to laugh about later with friends. I’m definitely bookmarking this so I have it the next time I sense the perfect opportunity for a hilarious phone prank and caller id spoof.

If you decide to prank your friends by spoofing your caller id with this phone prank, please submit your hilarious story here. You can write it, video tape it and/or record the phone call and share the audio file along with your written story!
Try out Spoof Card Below:

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