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Two Virginia hunters, Bob and Fred, were going on a hunting trip. They get to where they wanted to be and started walking.

After about a half hour of walking, they sit down and take a rest.

Bob says to Fred" I'm not feeling to good".

Fred says" well, we can walk back to the truck.

Bob says" yeah lets do that".

So they start walking. About 15 minutes into the trip, Bob falls over. Fred panics and calls 911.

The operator answers and says" 911, what's your emergency?"

Fred says "My friend fell over with a heart attack, I think he's dead, what do i do"?

Operator says, "Well first make sure he's dead".

Fred says, "Ok".

The operator listens and hears a BANG!!!

Fred gets back on the phone and says, "Ok. He's dead... now what?"

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